New Boss Zebra Attacks Baby Zebra and its Mom Fights Back|National Geographic

there's a new kid in a herd of virtual

zebra mom looks away and a stallion

gives chase

the new boss of the herd is on a mission

to murder

it's not common but new stallions do

kill offspring that don't share their


at the waterhole the stallion uses his

weight ruthlessly the foal is in deep



mom has an agonizing decision to protect

her child she must put herself in danger

Ellucian grip gives the full wriggle


now mom makes up her mind


his incisors usually crop grass but they

can also pierce flesh


a chance to escape but those incisors

are back


a stumble lies the foal seconds

and mom races to the rescue


if the bold eyes the stallion will have

more chance of getting mom pregnant


mom tries to throw the stallion



but the bully answers back

only stalls her for a moment


mom and child win but they can't rest


the foal won't leave mom until it's 2 or

3 years old that's a long time to be

looking over your shoulder