Baby Ostrich Hatching

ostriches are the largest birds in the

world and in South Africa they're farmed

just like chickens Oh sworn in the clan

Carew is the ostrich capital of the

world on ostrich farms eggs are

collected and incubated for 42 days and

then the magic happens it takes six to

eight hours for baby ostrich to break

out of its shell in the first minutes of

life the baby ostrich gets used to his

very long neck an ostrich mates and lays

eggs during South Africa's long summer

from August until May on this particular

farm gyros horn there were 20,000

ostriches harvested primarily for their

leather which is very strong their meat

and also for their beautiful feathers

which are used to this day to make

feather dusters and boas visiting an

ostrich farm once you get up close and

learn so much more about these amazing

birds and if you're lucky you can even

take a ride