it's not bad oh my god

oh my god i got it oh my god i got it

just i got the just popped off

i just got the minus off oh my god what

the heck what the heck i just want to

try this


yo yo yo yo what's up guys

okay welcome back to another video i

know it's safe but i have to tell you

one thing

i think i might have cracked how do you

guess the midas flopper

now i think you can actually get the

miter swapper

in fortnite right now

it is a 0.4 spawn rate i heard i don't

know exactly but it's zero point


but i feel like that's false and you you

have to go to one

specific place to get the minus flopper

there's only

one place you can get the miles number

and that is of course

the authority now that would make sense

because the agency which

was the boss which midas was the boss

of is actually authority now since that

authority anymore

i believe it's authority now there's two

spots i think it is that

one is mode like one is more likely and

i'll show you in a second

but yeah i actually really think that

the minus flopper is actually at this

exact location you can't get it anywhere

else but

in authority at this exact hotspot

i don't know for sure this is why i'm

testing it out also i am uploading a


um so it is a bit laggy and sorry about

that but i just

had to do this straight away i feel like

i don't know for sure so

if i'm wrong i'm wrong but i think i

believe this is where you get the mic

and i believe oh yeah proven h

that the if you catch the minus flopper



all right so let's just load them in

okay here we go now you have to drop the


right here right here is where

both mao and some other youtuber

and i believe ghost ninja got is that


but i don't know apparently you can get


these miters for well i think

you can only get these at specific

location so it says it can be caught

anywhere but it would make sense it has

a higher rarity

at the authority because that's

where midas as a big boss used to be but

it would make more sense but they should


a hot spot right here i don't know if

it's here or

there i don't know check my phone so

yeah there it is it's right it's just

chilling right there and i believe this

is where you can get

the i do need however a


that's a master you must have a

proficient one to get the midas foot

there might as well um so yes i might

have to

take a while to get a pro fishing rod so

yeah i'll skip to it

okay so we have gone ahead and we have

gotten ourselves

a pro fishing rod yes you see yeah yeah

my dory breakfast you are going back to

this hot spot there is someone shooting


who's being a complete bot um but yes

we are going back and hopefully we can

actually get the minus flopper i don't

know for sure if this is legit or not

but what i do know is you probably get

the midas fish

miter flip around okay so let's see

no we just got an ordinary flopper okay

well it's not here

it's probably on the other let's try


we've got a normal

that would be hilarious all right so

what i've said

how it's in specific spots well that's

wrong that's completely wrong you just

get it randomly

um but i would say i wouldn't say this


it would actually be the right one

but i would say i

think it's more likely to appear in the


because you know at the authority

what might it be it would be it would

make sense

it would have a high school right here

but who knows

um that's just how we can get the midas

flopper and

actually be able to use it because i

heard it turns everything in everyone

try to go


um so yes that's just we're just going

to get every fishing spot at the


all right let's see if we can get a

minus up we got another

ordinary green flopper it's an another

blue flopper okay come on

come on come on come on just give me a

minus what's up we need minus

one you want a minus four what am i

doing this one right here

okay well it's there's no specific

fishing spot to get the minus popper

but i didn't think it was right here oh

my god

that scared me for a second this thermal


may be scared for something oh my god

did i just get it oh my god

that did scare skin so we're gonna try

and get a

thermal fish oh no sorry a minus which

could be

i really want to test it out like i

don't know why it's appealing

all right that's just an ordinary


all right we've got two more and i

believe it's here

yeah i see one after that three more i

see so far

come on oh no this kid's got a third

party no

this kid why would you do that

oh my god

all right well let's go again because

this kid was being toxic

just trying to get the mice off all

right so we are in the next round

my video had just gone up let's learn

authority and let's hopefully try to get

the midas fish now that the video is


how to get them at the start i thought

it would work

but it doesn't so we'll try again

i mean you're always gonna try but i

have seen

one person catch it from here one person

catch it from

here i believe i don't know anything

else but you do

need a rare official or professional one

so that's a definitely must have so we

gotta make sure we have one of those

and then we'll just start fishing

basically out the outskirts i hope no

one's here because

i don't want anyone to screw up my

friends again yeah that's an ordinary

fishing rod we'll take it anyways

oh this thing is here that's gonna

attract some people

i don't like this i want i just want a

fish in peace

do you want to get the new fish if

anyone teams with me

i okay i'm just saying this first of all

i did get a warning

oh my god

okay so we got we got two

fishing ones basic fishing ones which is

not very nice

um because we need a professional so

two right here

we've got unlucky oh we did get lucky

got one one four all right

let's try out some right here

all right hopefully we can get one

and i only saw a few people be able to

get it

so it's kind of hard to get a minus

flopper apparently i've just got a scar

okay i'll take that i suppose i'll take


let's go i believe you can get this car

all right let me just eat this

okay normal flopper not anything special

as a jellyfish jellyfish doesn't

surprise me at all

all right well full shield

scars and the smg's my only weapon

so that would be

all right a shield fish all right

nothing special so far

um i did see most people catch it there

so i might want to travel

there and imagine i get it that would be

extremely crazy

because it's like it i could hear that

it is

really hard catch the and if i'm

sounding very very


anyways back to if i do sound a little

down it's not just i'm just a bit sleepy

let's go get this view out okay

someone's coming on a bite i don't like


anyway that was thermal fish minus


come on that's a joy i'll take the


do that all right come on

come on i'm gonna make sure this bite

doesn't interrupt so we can hide this


it's going around that way i'll fishy

all right let's see come on

that's another flopper

working it's another flopper this is

this is getting kind of

i have to kill some people if they're

gonna break their efficiency

normal i believe you can only get the

minus on your first try

i believe because that's what people

done they just fish on first trying to

get it

and if you don't fish on flash drive

believe me you can't get it i don't know

for sure though

all right let's just see spicy fish

all right fish it's up to like

trash man okay

it's got an achievement but i got

thermal fish not

minus dropper i want a minor topper give

me a minus

come on come on come on just give me my


right there

i was going over there get those items

all right i'll let him do what he wants

to do and i'll get my fishing spots

so i don't see this i don't seem to be


right there so come over here i should

be able to fish from this bush

let's see if we can get it

they're in a big fight

they're in a fight that's just an


why do i keep going on there

you know there's a owner you see this

this is the blue flower pick it up put

it down

for an air flopper it's like if we

actually keep track of it that would be

insane but

no obviously it doesn't keep track of it

kind of obviously would happen

um but yes there's still a boat going


i don't want to shoot it oh my god

oh my god oh my god oh my god

yeah they're little bots go away come on

to the last fishing spot this

has to be it this has to be it

come on come on come on come on come on

this has to be it has to be it

come on wait i don't have any maps

no okay okay

okay these kids have to be so close

okay we might actually hop into a game

of battle labs and see if that works

you know i'm not giving up until i

get a mida swapper but until i do

i might just go on like i might

make a part two because you know also

team rumble was disabled

all right so we are actually in

um we're actually in bad labs

i think the battle lab version works a

lot better no one defeats with you

all right so um

i think i should toggle along and

hurry up with this um because i

really really need to get this out

hopefully i can get it come on come on

come on come on come on come on come on

come on

make it make it make it okay here it is


okay okay i'm done um well i don't have

a pro fishing rod i have

i could get the mats i mean by the lab i

could get the mats

and i might just do that all right i'm a

bit bad

actually i have a llama here so that's

perfect llamas are everywhere

there we go and just be able to get an


so the brand new update has just dropped


so we are going to be finally

which is the same as the vendetta popper

so today we will not stop

until we find this midas popper but

talking on new things added to the game

fortnite have just added this brand new


which i think all right so let's upgrade

a little

fishing rod real quick so as i was


it isn't zero point something something


it's actually just one percent which is

the same percent as a vendetta fish

vendetta flopper so if we can actually

get a vendetta flopper that'd actually

be pretty sick

one of my friend joshua has already

gotten evanderflopper

he went to fish every hot spot and then

he actually got it

he got the vendetta flopper um i'm

trying to look for the miter swap on

now flat get it all right

i'm basically just catching all right so

mainly you can also catch it if there's

like more people coming out of it

um at once so i was nearly convinced

that wasn't my display but

you really really need to get

i mean if i get a vendetta i might just


um that fourth part because i'm i'm

really fine with the front

i don't have a vendor

last second


i'm walking alone the streets are empty

the only thing i can see is my own


i'm getting stronger step by

step the clock is ticking but there's no

time for reasons

i've been flying from town to town


tonight we will fly above


the skies


until the end find one of these get all

legendary fish

come on come on come on

are you guys ready to see how big my

flopper is

okay that actually scared me for a


for a second the thermal picks are

really a big thing okay that's attack

all right so i'll show you guys this is

how big

my green flopper is


59.99 i'm not the highest on this one

oh okay lucas

apparently i'm not the biggest on this

one but um

joshua is he's got 63.6 i used to be the

highest with 59.

anything but i don't know new best i'm

fourth for this one

second for this one i have 60 cents

pretty big of course we have a lot of

little stuff going on here of course

not first on any of them good oh wait i


on this one oh my god look at that

difference i'm like 10 ahead or


i don't know we'll see oh this one as


the sky blue i've only caught this sky

blue spicy fish once and it was really


as well it was like just two centimeters

off the beginning

so i finally bought that blue spicy fish


when i was playing an actual game

oh my god holy we got ourselves a

vendetta forever

oh my god oh my god we got it

we got it we got the vendetta flopper


go all right another vendetta isn't that


but still getting it just oh

will fly above the sky

we are heroes







i've i flying from town to town

from london to taiwan

i've been all around the globe

trying to protect your soul


this bittersweet heat is suffocating

waiting and always hesitating

kryptonite desires set my heart of fire


set my heart



my bones crave your skin temptation

while you and me repeat this



people say it's not anywhere else but

authority and it would make like a true

sense to be

so i'm gonna get this boat and i'm gonna

okay okay it's already right

i'm gonna get this boat i'm gonna go

around and i'm gonna see if i can miss

any hot spots at all

um it does that it's found anywhere so

i'm going to go over to the vendetta

and i'm actually going to see does

anyone else call it

some of these kids i don't know that


let me just okay so eat me i'll mock

a nearby enemy that is hilarious

okay gotta go into the journal


journal wisdom okay and it is gonna go

into like

it's like little thing oh yeah

eat me unlocked found it anywhere yeah


totally you can find it anyway oh well i


technically you can but i didn't bother

okay okay i'm done i'm done i see a

llama in the water

i have to i have to it's alarm in the


yeah so um um we didn't have any luck so

i might load up

another another oh

wait stay on let's go for a moment

there's another one here

all right my swapper i am the midas skin

give the golden touch the wisdom of

okay that actually got me scared that

got me here a lot

a lot a lot a lot but you know

it's just a pistol that's just normal

fall but the flopper doesn't really

scare me anymore

now this is a uh the less idea

record no scott didn't scare me and that

is the

neither does the um flop the flopper

and the um was a thermal fish because


yeah they're too big yes we got we're

about to leave

and basically i'll just show off

everything for the mandela proper i


so it's description reads eat me

oh do it just consume me come see me for

juicy shields consume me from juices

all right so this is probably the minus

popper it's empty

no one has gotten it here it's a few

people that's got the black slat fish

what's this one i i don't know which one

this one is but

if you might four of my friends have

gotten it okay this

this one's not that easy yeah you know

nothing about this fish

oh this one um found

far serious green thermal fish most of

my friends have gotten it

this one yep

this one and this one okay so i i'm


i actually am nearly filled out this

entire thing i could just fill in this


this one this one this one this one and

this one and this one

and then this one no one has it

no one has it no one has this no one

actually you know what the vendetta

flopper has actually quite a few people


and then i just look at that it was

what's what

this one this flopper no not this

whopper this one

this one which one was it

which one was it this one this fish

whatever this fish is

only four people has it on my friend's

list so technically whatever pop up

whatever fish that one is is more rare

than this one

so this one is eat me and i'll show you


enemies so if i can get myself on some


it would like it would light up it's

basically a flare gun

okay so here we go friendly bot grenades

and we bought grenades

all right here we go all right so if i

yink this all the way up there over


over there over there over there and i

eat this

should show by nearby enemies

yep there they go yep you can see him

you see right there

see him yeah you see his little red

thing above his head yeah

yeah for my ugly aim

all right i think it only affects

so yeah that is this match let's

let's go to another mad lab and see if

we can get this

like this one because i really really

just want to crack it up

and get this midas flop us

papa um

oh yeah um what rip me i have like

the worse than vendetta flop flap my


is so small

anyways okay so another bad lab

i was just in my one i found one

vendetta flopper

use it show it off um

yeah i looked on where the miter slot

would be

zero people or out of all my friends

list which i have like a hundred plus

no one has gotten i only got a 46



nice hey um i need to go look for a pro

fishing rod or just get a llama and get


normal fishing rod that's what i did

last round i couldn't find any

normal fishing ones i practiced mods

sorry okay

there's one right there and then just

use an upgrade bench

yeah uh yeah that's the lumbar that's

what i did last oh you have the low

gravity thing on

that might not be so great sorry no

sorry you can jump around to each hole

uh i mean that's true i didn't have that

okay i didn't like like gravity

because it really just interrupts me


but i suppose here okay this okay he

took this way too far

like actually just building the entire


i've been i only build one i'm around

big places like i already did all around

okay i'm trying to fill up my book

i haven't finished everything in my book

um but i

am one two three four five

six seven eight i'm eight fishes away


you know that's a fish i don't know

which fish it is it's

this fish right now where's that fish

right here this fish only four of my

friends of course and the vendetta fish


12 of my friends of course so whatever

fish that was that

was probably rare more rare than the

dead yeah

seven of my friends

got it he got amazed when he got it and

i was just like probably

all right we gotta see if we can get a

vendetta or

you know minus one no one has

no one has no one has gotten the minus

poppy yet

that is my friend my friend

um what's his name again ghost ninja has

he actually got on a stream you've got

he's in lazy lake

so it doesn't it doesn't matter where

you are it doesn't cool anywhere

i think it's more likely in authority

since you know

this was where it might have supposed to

be yeah that's one

that's one part of it i suppose

i'm just going around just boosting

i like it it's really cool to use

i got a jellyfish

yeah watch i want to show you backward


a shark kept eating all the fish that

and when i killed it

so many fish came out of it oh my god


blood everywhere there's a legendary

from eating so many greens

legendary no

no my flopper

i'm trying to play fortnite a lot

because i just changed my keybinds

oh yeah because i'm on controller

i always go on builder pro nice just

keep it i just got a purple bus

don't know why




holy spin don't give two shits

yeah it's been just high as an editor

and he uploads once a week


laser beam edits his own videos really

i thought

i always thought that youtubers edit

their own videos and then i'm just like

i would be too lazy buy enough money

one of my friends wants to be my editor

it's for like

fun because he can just put hi


whatever i'm just okay so here we go we

have a new vendetta flop and then he

just puts hi

everywhere it's me the editor

that's what he wants to do let me show

free editing it's not bad

oh my god oh my god i got it oh my god i

got it just i got the brushes

i just got the miners oh my god what the

heck what the heck i just want the


oh my god i'm gonna be i'm over here i'm

at the authority i'm at the authority

oh my god i just got the minus rubber

i'm going as fast as i can oh my god man

um i still need to catch it though for

my book oh my god

the minus flopper oh

sick this is like how many people has


only like five people in the world have


okay well i'm the sixth person to have

the minus i need to upload this video


oh my god i never thought i would

actually get them for this yeah because

like 40 minutes to get it

down dude wait can i hold it just to

take a screenshot on xbox

yes say it's by me okay game started


a snag flex capture screenshot

all right oh this is this is this is

enough for me

this is enough for me oh my god i got

this captured

yep and i have two vendettas compared to

mine these are way better

i mean i have one vendetta one minus oh

my god i can't believe it i

honestly look at how far i went watch

follow my builds yeah i know i only

fished like i don't know four fishing

spots and i got the

miters flipper oh my god i want to test

this out if i also don't want to leave


oh it's the miters well okay i'm gonna

type up how many people's got the minus

how many people has the

midas flopper so

far this one this didn't even take me

that long and i was right

i'm the mindy skin look look yeah look

yeah look at that me hair look at my

hair look at my hair

it's identical to me look identical to


yeah old haircut bold haircut look at

them tattoos

yeah very nice okay i'm going to get a

gun i'm going to get a gun so i can zoom

in on it

it's got to be a gun here somewhere come

on this one

yeah can get me can get can you help me

find a gun i just need gun

a gun

on my trail yeah i see one right

i think this is a gun no that's no no


nope never mind oh my god defend it oh

it's like oh my god that was so

freaking when i got the vendetta i was

like oh my god i got the vendetta popper

but not compared to this the miter


holy oh i got a charged

okay i got like basically the best

scoped in gun you can get

a bold action type rifle all right let

me just drop this thing on the floor

and zoom in oh yes

yes yes yes look at that he even has a

tie at the bottom oh that's so cute

oh this is this is sick you might have

got this in overtime you're like the


seventh person worldwide

that's crazy dude i need to get this

video uploaded

quick quick quick quick quick quick i

need to get this video uploaded

and then i'll be good to go i need to

edit this thing fast

holy oh my god might as well i wait

i will make it how to get the miter

swapper i got no matter oh like i got

the miter swap

or something okay

what's going to be the thumbnail yeah


like that no no like this

and one at the back

we picked it up you picked it up

that's some great thumbnail

that's a great thumbnail right there

three vendettas and one flopper

oh my god i got like the

none of my friends have it none of them

and i can't believe i

just got the video what size was it

actually yeah i should check

um i don't even think i can check

because like

no one has got okay it should be yeah

it's a thirty nine point

three centimeter personal best found

anywhere come mine doesn't flop

let's go i just want to complete i can't

literally complete the entire book

because all the other fishes aren't that

hard to get you have to go to the

coastal stuff

oh my god

now screw these other fish you know hot

flopper get out of here

wait eat this eat this and then swim

and jump okay

oh this is this is gonna be bad isn't it

oh my god oh my god

okay this one a bit too far okay um

okay that's just oh okay yeah okay um

i'm the flash now yep okay well i'm the

flash now hey guys

hey guys i found a new glitch just eat

the spicy fish

becoming the flash and fortnite battle

royale that should be a new video title

yeah becoming no becoming the fastest

swimmer in fortnite battle royale

oh i think we can actually make that

happen if we have the in like an actual


yeah okay but it's not that

fast in the natural round i've done it


oh okay it's pretty fast not like the

seventh person to get this

am i that lucky

watch come here respawn

and then meet me at craggy okay

wait did you not turn on and keep

inventory i'm keeping my modest weapon

okay then meet my craggy there you go

i'll carry your vendetta poppers

because i ain't leaving again all right

craggy it is

okay i need okay so we're gonna see

marcus's thingy

no this is not marcus that youtuber

um look at some marcus yep not marcus

that youtuber

he's just marcus he's not even from


here go there okay well this is uh

extremely crazy look how far you feel to

see the light

but you never got it that's sad and then

there's just me

oh hey can i help yeah chris our hand

would be nice

oh wait i just got it okay so

after this i'll just showcase it i might

actually have to just

eat it um i'm actually just gonna take a


we should collect we should collect grey

guns first

yeah and then use it and then take a

picture and then put it put it on


post it all over on twitter it's gonna

get tons of likes

and stuff tons of retweets

i don't do much i don't do well on

twitter i don't really

engage in twitter i just do it so i can

follow the people

i like like high picks

up and stuff like that you're almost

here yep

thanks for the low gravity it works a

lot works well

okay how lucky am i to get the miter


oh my god i literally stretched the


of my bad lab um authority to find it

and oh my god did i pick so i've got

i've gone way farther than you

and i still haven't got it yeah and i

just got on like like

sixth try or something bro i just


i dropped my pro fishing rod

oh that's sad oh i still have one

yeah well i got one i thought i had two

but it was actually just my

actual sniper rifle all right so where's

this thing

we'll see we'll see the beautiful

marcus's mirage

and then just in the video quickly break

this make this video

go out so we can actually just get the


the mighty swapper in and i'm making i'm

wearing them

here i come to where i am okay

uh where are you are you not on the


where are you i did all over there on

that island

right by it oh do you mean the one with

the uh

these the stock industry thing

what turn try to complete 360.

and it's that island okay cool oh

i see a bunch of loot on the bottom is

it this

no it's over here by me

you can see me on the map i can't see

you on the map

oh wait oh wait i think i can is it that

little blue

well normally it's on that little blue

thing but because that's normally kind


a bot but yeah

i should carry some spicy features with

me or something i plan

piece i play on um xbox so i just

changed my binds

all right yeah came up with mr marcus

i have to get close i have to get close

enough to get close

oh my god that actually freaked me out

i think i just lost my mind when i got

the minus trouble i'm just like

bro okay so where's this beautiful


right here when i killed the shark all

this came out of it

so uh oh my god

and then oh okay yeah okay let's see

what we can name

okay i see a scar in there i see a hot


i see a floor plastic jellyfish another


spicy food i'm going to see how i'm

going to see how high up i can go


um the low gravity doesn't even change


you just go as high as little gravity ah

yes okay well

final review let's get it in the shade

oh no i just ate it what

no i just ate it i just ate it by


wait okay no i did i did

okay i just got the uh i'm gonna eat the


okay so uh find me some great weapons

find me some grave i need three weapons

so apparently how it works is you get


then you eat the miter swapper

okay and then you pick up grey loot and

it automatically changes to no

gold if it's in your inventory then it

does it

right it happens all game does it all


it only happens with the loot in your

inventory okay well i got a great smg

but that doesn't work because there's no

gold yeah you have to have the invent

you have to have it in your inventory

when you eat it

what i just wasted it

no i just face it a minus pop off

oh what was the one and like at least i

got the screenshot

or at least i got it on cam you know

yeah at least i got it on screenshot

all right well that was uh great and

someone subscribed

he's actually

that's what i say at the end of mine

yeah i suppose basically what i say well

um my narrative was just set up for you

you know

just do all that um but yeah this was a

very successful video we did

get indeed event data popper and

the midas fish oh my god am i lucky i've

only seen like

six people get so i'm like the seventh

title the title should the title should

be i accidentally ate my midas flopper

immediately when i got it

that's that's a bit um that's a bit on

it's a bit uh

wait too much okay well uh yeah that'll

be it

uh we'll just see you guys next time um

i'm just gonna go rage

because i accidentally ate the myself

but yeah yeah i'll check you guys later