9 Weeks Pregnant | What To Expect

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- Your baby's not quite ready for a cap and gown,

but this week, it's graduation time

as your little one graduates from her

embryonic stage and officially enters the fetal period.

At about an inch long, the graduate

is the size of a medium green cocktail olive.

But please, hold the martini.

Baby's heart is now both developed and large enough

to be picked up by ultrasound.

But if your practitioner can't detect the thump-thump

of that little ticker this week, don't worry.

It probably means your tiny target is hiding out

in a far corner of your uterus,

or facing away from the sensor.

Sometime in the next few weeks,

you'll get a listen for sure.

Your little body builder can boast the groundbreaking

of some brand new organs this week.

The liver, the spleen and the gallbladder

are all under construction now.

The bladder and the urethra separate

from the developing digestive tract

and the intestines begin to move

out of the umbilical cord and into the abdominal cavity,

which has grown big enough to house them.

The diaphragm starts to form.

It's the muscular membrane that will

separate the chest and abdomen

plus help your cutie breathe after she's born.

And though you won't feel it yet,

your baby is trying out some early moves.

Tiny muscles are starting to develop

allowing your little dancer to make

spontaneous reflex movements with those tiny arms and legs.

(upbeat music)