7 Weeks Pregnant: What is Happening in Week 7 of Your Pregnancy?



seventh week of pregnancy welcome to the

seventh week of pregnancy your baby has

been growing rapidly and expensively now

the baby is about 10,000 times bigger

than it was at conception at the seventh

week the little kidneys of your baby are

getting ready to function the lips and

tooth buds are beginning to form during

the seventh week of pregnancy the

majority of the fetal growth and

development takes place on the baby's

head the brain cells are developing the

mouth is forming and the eyes and ears

are becoming noticeable the limbs are

sprouting and will soon become defined

shoulders arms legs and knees the

excretory system is preparing to

function in waste management babies

liver is forming and will soon begin

producing red blood cells also the bone

marrow is fully developed by this week

by the end of this week the baby

measures between 11 and 13 millimeters

from crown to rump miscarriage is the

most common complication at 7 weeks you

should call a doctor when you experience

heavy bright red bleeding and severe

cramping during pregnancy mothers should

do moderate and low-impact physical

exercise the recommended exercises

during the seventh week of pregnancy are

brisk walking Yoga for Beginners and

swimming stay tuned to know more about

your baby's development only on consumer

health digest calm till then take care

of yourself