6 Weeks Pregnant: A Complete Guide on Fetal Development


hello there sixth week pregnant women

here's what you need to know about your

baby's growth and development at six

weeks your baby is about the size of a

pea and his or her body is curved over

into a C shape that this week there are

major developments happening to the base

of the baby the senses cheeks and jaws

are beginning to form during this week

your baby's essential organs such as

lungs kidney and liver are developing

your sweet pea is also developing tiny

buttocks that will become arms and legs

further along the lines your baby's

heartbeat runs between 80 and 150 times

per minute nearly twice that of an adult

normal heart rate if you go for an

ultrasound during this week you could

see a preformed phase of the baby and a

placenta the dark spot images you see in

the ultrasound may denote the eyes and

nostrils of the baby pregnant mothers

who fail to visit a doctor during the

fifth week should go in this week the

very first prenatal checkup can be very

long since it's during this stage that

all times should be taken to ensure that

your baby is growing healthy by this

week pregnant mothers should start to

plan their

you should have whole grains beans eggs

berries and yogurt as it's important to

have proper and healthy nutrition check

back in seven days to no further

development of your baby