Parts of Speech for Kids: What is an Adverb?

parts of speech for kids what is an

adverb by teaching without frills parts

of speech are different types of words

we use when we speak and write there are

eight main parts of speech nouns

pronouns verbs adjectives adverbs

prepositions conjunctions and

interjections so what's an adverb an

adverb is a word that describes a verb

an adjective or another adverb adverbs

often help answer the questions how when

where and to what extent let's look at

some of the different types of adverbs

and learn how we use them many adverbs

describe verbs by telling how an action

happens like quickly running peacefully

sleeping or talking loudly do you notice

something about these three adverbs oh

yeah they all end in ly quick peaceful

and loud are all adjectives that can

describe nouns but when we want to

describe a verb we often add an ly on

the end to create an adverb can you

think of some other adverbs that end in

ly adverbs can also describe when or how

often something happens these are words

like now then tomorrow always never and

sometimes we can use these words to

describe verbs or adjectives like

walking now or always happy can you

think of any other adverbs that describe

when or how often something happens

adverbs can also answer the question

where words such as inside outside here

they're up and down can be used as

adverbs to tell where something happens

like look up or come here can you think

of any other adverbs that can describe

where something happens

finally we can use adverbs to answer to

what extent these are adverbs like

barely almost very and extremely these

adverbs can describe verbs like almost

crying or they can modify adjectives

like extremely hot or they can even

describe other adverbs like very quickly

can you think of some other adverbs that

might answer the question to what extent

now let's see if you can find the

adverbs in the following sentence

yesterday we very carefully planted

pretty flowers outside here's a hint

there are four adverbs in the sentence

pause here to think or keep watching to

hear the answer yesterday is an adverb

that tells when we planted the flowers

carefully describes how we planted the

flowers very describes to what extent we

were careful and outside describes where

we planted the flowers the word pretty

is not an adverb it's an adjective

because it describes a noun flowers so

how can you use adverbs in your own

writing listen to this boring Stinnett

the dog wagged his tail and jumped how

can you add some adverbs to the sentence

to make it more detailed and interesting

pause here to think or keep watching for

some ideas there are many ways you could

add adverbs to the sentence you might

say the dog happily wagged his tail and

jumped up and down or maybe the dog

always wagged his tail and jumped

excitedly so remember adverbs are words

we use to describe verbs adjectives and

other adverbs they help answer questions

like how when where and to what extent

you can use adverbs to make sentences

more detailed and interesting

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