Am I Contagious? The Cold and Flu, Explained by The Christ Hospital

many patients ask me if they are

contagious after they've been diagnosed

with a cold or flu both the cold and flu

are made of viruses it's viral particles

that live in your nose and your throat

when you sneeze cough touch your face

you transmit those particles to your

hands whatever you touch those particles

go to so yes the answer is you are

contagious some of the ways to reduce

the risk of spreading these germs is to

wash your hands the other question is

how long am i contagious for for both

the cold and flu you can be contagious

one day prior to symptoms starting the

ability to spread the cough or the flu

will last as long as you're having the

symptoms it can last anywhere from seven

to ten days it takes time it's just

remembering to wash your hands cover

your mouth if you do have fevers it's

recommended that you stay home until

those fevers have resolved so if you are

having any symptoms of the cold or flu

which include coughing sneezing fevers

sore throat we are always available and

willing to see you at the urgent care