INCREASE Your Credit Score in 30 Days | How to Increase Your Credit Score

what's going on guys this is Chandler

Smith and today I'm going to show you

how I help my wife get her credit score

from a 613 up to a 774 in 30 days so I'm

gonna show you all the tips and tricks

to get your credit score up immediately

and be able to keep it up so you can get

approved for that next one so with that

being said let's jump into it

alright guys for those of you that don't

know me my name is Chandler Smith and I

am 29 years old over the course of the

last six years I've been able to

accumulate over a hundred doors of

rental real estate and the only way that

that was possible is because I figured

out what was required to get my credit

score up and to keep it up however this

last year my wife decided she wanted to

get into her first investment property

and it was a good time to do it because

I was limited on the number of loans

that I could get you can actually only

get ten personal loans now I've done

business loans not gonna talk about that

in this video but my 10 personal loans

were used up and so for us as a family

to buy more real estate my wife needed

to be able to start using her loans

because she has ten as well however her

growing up she put no effort into

building credit and so we hopped on my

FICO just to see where her credit score

was and they wouldn't even tell us what

her score was because she literally had

no credit no credit cards no credit

history no nothing so we went into polar

credit for the first time and when it

came back it came back at a six thirteen

now six thirteen isn't terrible but it

definitely isn't what you need to be

able to get approved for a loan

luckily for my wife I am very good at

helping people to increase their credit

score and so in the course of thirty

days I was able to help her make certain

moves to get her from a six thirteen

credit score all the way up to a seven

seventy four so she could not only get

approved for a loan but get approved

with the best rates on her loan for the

first investment property that she

purchased and so in this video I'm going

to show you what

did to bump it up that quickly and what

you can do to not only bump your credit

up that quickly but also keep it up

throughout the process so with all of

that being said I'm gonna go through all

the tips and tricks you need to know to

slowly build up your credit and to keep

it where it needs to be however we use a

little trick to be able to get my wife's

credit up in under thirty days and

before I go into the consistent things

you need to do I'm gonna show you that

little trick so you can immediately bump

your credit up if you're in a situation

where you need to to be able to get

approved for a loan so this little trick

is called becoming an authorized user

now the only hook with this or the only

issue you could run into is finding

someone who will let you be an

authorized user on their account because

what we did to immediately bump my

wife's credit is I already had a very

strong credit score as a matter of fact

I was over an 800 credit score so what

we did is we went in and we made my wife

an authorized user on two of my credit

cards we figured out when the bureaus

reported we waited until they reported

the second we knew that the bureau's had

a reported then we went in and we had

her apply for the loan that's when her

credit score came back as a 774 now I

know a lot of you are saying Chandler

there's no way you could bump her credit

that much that fast that's a hundred and

sixty-one points in under a month and I

know a lot of you are not wanting to

believe that but if you look right here

and I'm gonna actually put this up on

the screen this is where her credit

score went to if you look right this is

actually a love note from my wife so

we're not gonna look at that however I'm

gonna pop it up on the screen this is

what it was so you can see where it was

and now where it's at and so I promise

you if you have someone who has good

credit and they trust you enough to make

you an authorized user that can

immediately jump up your credit score

now not all people have a connection

like that that's willing to do this for

them because keep in mind they can jack

up your credit score if they're an

authorized user and they do dumb stuff

with your

luckily for me I trust my wife and it

was a perfect way to jump up her credit

score however if that's not an option or

even if it is I'm going to show you six

huge tips that if you don't have the

ability to become an authorized user you

can use these tips and tricks to get

your credit score up very quickly now if

you do become an authorized user you

still need to know these tips and tricks

to be able to keep your credit score

where it needs to be so the first thing

that you need to know and actually I'm

not even going to go into the first

thing the first thing you need to

screenshot is this now I'm gonna put

this up this gives you the breakdown of

how they get your credit score and just

knowing this breakdown is going to have

a huge impact on the moves that you make

and the things that you do so that you

can build credit to a good score so take

a screenshot and make sure you get a

picture of this and you understand how

it works and if you don't you can go and

download my FICO online that's what I

use to track my credit score and see how

it's getting affected it also gives you

a ton of great tips and tricks on the

things you can do to make sure that you

up your credit score but with that being

said hopefully you took a screenshot of

that so the first thing you need to do

is start building a credit history and

the only way you can do that is if you

go and get credit so you need to go and

get some credit cards you need to always

have at least three to four lines of

credit at any given time now I suggest

going to a Wells Fargo going to a chase

going to a Bank of America one of these

Tier one banks and saying look I have no

credit what can i for sure and get

approved on when it comes to getting a

credit card because I just want to get

approved so I can start building a

credit history the other reason you want

to go to one of these big banks is Tier

one banks are going to be a lot better

than some random credit card because

you're gonna for sure be able to get

approved if you do your research before

on what you've got to do to get approved

and what card you should apply for to

make sure that way you're not getting

denied it's still hitting your credit

score and you're not getting any new

credit history out of it the other

reason you're going to want to use one

of these banks is certain credit cards

have more power in upping your

SCOR than others and I know a lot of

people are gonna argue with me on this

they're gonna say no all credit cards

are the same no some credit cards are

better than others if you go get a

credit card from Home Depot that's not

going to help your credit score nearly

as much as a credit card from one of the

tier 1 things so make sure that you're

going and getting at least three to four

lines of credit the other thing is if

you can get multiple kinds of credit

that's also going to help your score so

it's important to always get credit

cards to get car loans and to get a

house loan because if you can get all of

these it's gonna build those different

types of scores and I don't want to get

too in-depth in that but if you already

have a house loan and you're making

payments and you're building history

that's going to give you a better score

when lenders of homes are looking at

your credit now you can build up your

credit good enough just from credit

cards but it's good to be able to get a

variety because the more variety you

have the stronger you're going to be

able to build that credit score and the

more stable it's going to become now

this next step is going to crack you up

because you need to get less new credit

now you're gonna say Chandler I just got

credit cards but you want me to get less

new credit yeah it doesn't make any

sense that's what's so frustrating about

your credit score but the point I'm

trying to make is you need to get credit

as soon as you can if you're young

watching this go and get credit right

now because you need time to build your

credit history usually your points will

jump at three months six months nine

months and a year like every three-month

period is usually when you'll see those

jump and so you've got to start building

that history if you've had multiple

credit cards for three or four years

it's gonna be so easy to get approved

for other loans or other cards because

you built that history and that's going

to build your score you want to be

careful about applying for new credit if

it's not essential you only want to get

new credit if you're doing it to start

building your score with credit cards or

if you actually need it because

otherwise any new credit is going to

give a slight bump down to your credit

score so the second point was get less

new credit the third point just to


get a credit history all right you've

got to make sure you've got credit and

you're making payments consistently on

time over a period of time so that you

have some credit history because that's

really going to help you build that

credit score so they're two and one but

they knock out number two and number

three now let's go on to point number

four and that is your credit card

utilization now for some reason whenever

I bring this one up everyone loses their

mind because they're like well what's

the point of even having a credit card

if you're not supposed to utilize it

well here's the reality you've got to

stay under ten percent utilization so if

you have a credit card that has a one

thousand dollar credit limit you can't

use more than $100 of that and I stole

this little graph from another youtuber

it's ask is a B I think that's how you

say it now I don't follow his YouTube

channel however I'm stealing his stuff

so go check him out I'm sure he's

awesome but this is the graph he put up

and I think this is spot on and if it's

not it at least teaches the principle

that the more utilization you have the

worse off you are now a lot of people

say well Chandler I'll just do a high

utilization one month and then I'll go

back down to keeping it low well it also

looks at what your highest utilization

was so again if you've got a credit card

where you have a thousand dollar limit

and you use nine hundred dollars of that

limit it's always going to remember that

you used all of your utilization of that

card if that makes sense so make sure

that you keep it under ten percent at

all times now I know a lot of you are

crapping yourselves going oh man I've

got a card that has a limit of three

thousand dollars I use the whole three

thousand dollar limit am i toast no

you're gonna be okay just make sure that

you don't use above 10% moving forward

and call the bank and see if they're

willing to raise your credit limit what

this does is if you can raise your

credit limit from the $3,000 you're at

to $8,000 or to $10,000 now that most

you've ever utilized is thirty percent

rather than a hundred percent like you

had before so it will hurt initially

because you got more credit but

immediately it's going to bounce back

and above because your utilization

has gone down and your overall

utilization has gone down it'll also

give you more freedom to use under your

10% if you've got $10,000 that gives you

a whole thousand dollars to play with

rather than just a hundred because you

still want to make sure you're using

these cards every month but make sure

again you look at that graph look at all

of these things they're very helpful but

make sure you keep your utilization you

know 9% or below and that's gonna help

you raise your score quickly all right

number five and this should probably be

like number one most important just make

sure that you make your payment on your

credit card and pay it off to zero every

single month all right you're being an

idiot if you're leaving money on your

credit card

month after month now if you are gonna

leave money on your credit card make

sure you at least make the minimum

payment on that card

even though do everything in your power

to make sure that you pay it off down to

zero every single month now the sixth

step is going to help you to raise your

credit score but more importantly it's

gonna help guarantee that you get the

best score possible when you have it

pulled because when you have someone

pull your credit see if you can get a

proof for another loan you want to make

sure they pull at the right time to

where the best score is going to come

back now I know a lot of you are saying

what are you talking about Chandler well

here's how it works each of your credit

cards or any of your other loans have a

certain time when they report to the

credit bureau so what you need to do is

you need to call of your credit cards

and any other loans that you have and

figure out exactly when they report to

the credit bureau the reason what you

want to do this is you want to make sure

that all of your debts that can be paid

off are paid off right before they

report to the credit bureau so when they

pull it it's going to show that all of

your cards and debts have been paid down

to zero and that's going to help bump

your score right when you need it bumped

the most for when you're getting that

credit pulled to see if you should get

approved for that next loan now those

are all of the steps I'm going to give

you today

and in future videos I will give you

more hints and tips and tricks to be

able to raise your credit score if you

want to learn how to get approved for a

home loan I did a video here that's

going to help you a ton to make sure

that you get approved so you can get

into one of those bigger loans however

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