600 - 640 Credit Score Loans

hi there folks Randy again and we are at

we find lenders calm if you have a bad

credit score and you need to get

approved it may be difficult especially

these days but we have over 500 lenders

in our our network so and we've had some

really good success rates with people

with bad credit so check us out at we

find lenders calm okay today we're

talking about people who have credit

scores in the range of 600 to 650

basically if you have a credit score

below 640 banks and traditional lenders

credit unions what have you will see you

as a bad credit risk so of course it's

more difficult to get a loan and also

the credit interest rates will be quite

high if you do get a loan so you have to

be shopping closely and reading all the

fine print and all the loan agreements

before you sign anything so here we are

at our home page for we find lenders and

I'm gonna show you basically a good

example okay let's say you live in let's

take a state any state and we'll go down

to it's just take Minnesota for instance

there's our Minnesota State page and you

can even step in go further than I go to

a city and let's like take st. Paul and

here we have our page for st. Paul and

first thing you can do is use this easy

form to fields that's all you need you

put your credit score and so for example

we're talking about credit scores

between five hundred thirty six hundred

and six forty so let's put in six

hundred and take a zip code I'm not sure

whether zip code just check quickly what

ZIP codes in Minnesota would be zip


in men soda actually even better let's

go st. Paul there we go so if you're in

this area you would have a zip code one

of these basically so let's just use as

an example so five five one one nine

there so you click get a PR report and

you'll see this screen is wide and I've

only taken the center but you get the

idea the estimated APR is nine point six

seven that's basically that's based on

the last people who were approved and

reported back on what they they paid for

interest on their loan now we don't know

it was a car loan or a house loan or

they had they had a cosigner or what

have you but that's gives you a basic

idea somebody with a credit score in

that zip code what they ended up paying

who knows if they had a cosigner but

this is just a reporting method we have

so I'll give you an example if you go

back and check out same area same zip

code and he went to say three hundred

the lowest you can go for credit score

and there see there's 30 rates so

that'll change all the time as different

as different people report

anyways that's a handy tool you could

check out and then we have a list of

just four people have fair credit so in

st. Paul this is a our best estimates

for a place to get approved with and

they mostly credit unions for this city

and this is also based on reporting so

then if you want if you have a bad

credit score and you you want to any

need to get approved this is the best

way to do it you just put your amount in

here say thirty thousand dollars and you

want to get a car you want to say for

five years

and you start your application that will

take you to the main application page

and then you just go ahead and start

filling out what you need to fill up and

it's as simple as that and then all and

then the you have access to the network

of over 500 letters people approve by

credit companies that approved by credit

scores so that is one way we also have a

map to an interactive map it's a Google

map basically showing where at least

these companies are and then we have a

scoring model from different

applications that were made this doesn't

mean they were approved these were made

from these the last five neighborhoods

from this city there's an example okay

now that's just us you can also check

out the competition

so to compare you just click on here and

now you can compare all of the other

lenders in that credit score range

between 600 and 640 bad credit loans by

credit score here you go

so here's our arrange credit scores

between 600 and 640 we have 8 listed


of course that's this is our company

here WFL we find lenders there our

description you know you can apply for

up to two hundred thousand and get

approved for up to that much if

depending on your situation and then

here we have these different companies

now we don't get any kickbacks from

these companies ok this is not an

affiliate based website because we have

our own product but you can check out

these companies and if you use them

that's fine but the excuse gives you

some options now give an example let's

take a look here and click on one of the

companies that we've got everything

listed they fellow max them out the end

if you have a credit score between 600

and 640

that's just one and then we have another

one here called

even there they go up to 100k now there

are all different types of websites

different types of models but we've got

them all listed for you here we'll

update this in 2020 but this is just for

2019 this comparison list so that gives

you an idea of what you're looking at

just be careful there's a lot of

predatory lenders out there who will

take advantage of your low credit score

so be aware read all of the fine print

before you make any moves at all and by

no means we're suggesting that we're the

only only option in town but you have a

lot of different lenders that can review

your application by by using us okay so

that's our last pitch for us and back to

the homepage and that's that's it for

now so we'll talk to you later on the

flip side