how i scored a 30+ on the act

hey guys so today I'm giving you all a

couple tips on how I personally scored

higher than a 30 on the AC T for those

of you who don't know the AC T is a

standardized test that high schoolers

take and those scores are submitted to

the colleges or universities that they

are applying to so the AC T is very

important and it is scored out of a

total 36 and so really only like the top

5% of test takers will score between the

30 and 36 range but I just wanted to say

that you guys don't have to aim for

above a 30 this is more for the people

who are really looking to improve their

score and to maybe get into more

selective colleges and universities so I

hope some of you find something helpful

in this video taking the AC T preparing

for it and continually improving your

score is very very time consuming and

takes a lot of hard work and so I think

it's a great idea to make a list of all

of the reasons you want to do well on

the AC T and why you're taking it in the

first place and this list should be

really really honest and personal to

yourself like why do you want to do well

on this test and having that list is a

great source of motivation for whenever

you're exhausted and you really don't

feel like studying or doing another

practice test you can look back at this

list remember why you're doing it in the

first place just to keep on going and

I'd also recommend taking a practice

test without really knowing much about

the test that way you just understand

like how well you did it cold and this

is a great option if you're trying to

decide whether to take the SAT or the AC

T so take a practice test on both it can

just be at home for free like find one

online and see which one you do better

on and if it's the AC T then it's a good

idea to focus on that one so after

taking a practice AC T and scoring it I

decided I wanted to take the test and so

the first thing I did was dedicate some

time to know everything I could about

the format and struck

of the a CT itself this is something so

many people don't do but I think

actually helps so much just because you

already know most of the material and

content that is being tested in the a CT

but you don't necessarily have the

familiarity with the like format of the

test so it's important to know things

like there's no guessing penalty and you

should know specific things about each

section and being able to do that will

allow you to manage your time better

during the test and I'd suggest either

going on the a CT website googling or

look through prep books many prep books

actually have sections at the beginning

of the book itself just explaining what

the test is like examples of the

questions and how you should tackle them

an important thing to note about prep

books is that many of them have

questions and tests that aren't very

reflective of the actual a CT which is

why I really like this one which is the

real a CT prep guide and it's from the

makers of the a CT so all of the

practice tests are previously

administered a CT tests and so you know

that when you're taking a practice test

the questions and how they are worded is

very very accurate to the actual a CT

and that just helps you prepare better

so having the materials that are going

to help you succeed the most are very

important to have and I found that after

I took each test I scored it myself and

I went through all of the questions I

got wrong in like the detailed

explanations section of each test and

that just really helped me a lot and I

definitely recommend this book or the

newer addition that I think came out

recently for me practice tests were the

best way to study because I had the most

trouble with the time management aspects

of the a CT and continually doing

practice tests over and over again under

the timed like constraints and

everything just really really helped me

get familiar with the test and so as I

did constant like practice tests I

actually set up like a little table for

myself to track my progress

so I put along the side the composite

science reading math and English

sections and then along the top I put

like my diagnostic test the very first

one I took the goal that I have in mind

for each section and then from there on

I just have columns for each date that I

decided to take the test this obviously

is not my real table or anything but as

I did that I did color code with yellow

red and green for each score so I could

have a visual representation of exactly

how well I did on that specific test and

I could see the areas that I needed to

do more work on and so I think doing

this really really helped me see where I

am and where I need to go and that's

something that kept me very focused

while I was studying for the test so I

took about one practice test per week as

I was studying for the a CT and in

between those practice tests I took a

lot of time to go over all of the

questions I got wrong on the practice

test understands like why I got them

wrong instead of just reading the

correct answer like anyone can just read

an explanation be like oh that makes

sense that B is the answer but you

really need to understand the concepts

behind why you got it wrong in the first

place if it was a math problem maybe you

didn't fully understand the concept when

you were first learning it so it's a

good idea to go back through your notes

and practice that type of problem over

and over again or if it's in a reading

passage maybe you got it wrong because

you didn't completely understand like

the main idea or the author's tone and

being able to know the root of the

problem behind your wrong answer is more

important than just understanding why

the answer is correct like you need to

know why you got it wrong in the first

place so you want to stamp out all of

those bad habits and careless mistakes

by just drilling those problems over and

over again so in addition to the real a

CT guide I got this Behrens

a CT 36 aiming for the perfect score

book and I was not aiming for a perfect

score at all but I did find a lot of the

advice and strategies in this book very

specific and helpful so if you're

looking for

extra like advice and tips definitely

check out this book aside from that the

number one thing for a CT test takers is

to go to sleep early the night before

the test I know everyone says this your

teachers will say it your parents

probably will say it but it's so

important to really get enough sleep so

your brain can function at its maximum

capacity so you can do as well as you

can on this test and it also suggests

not cramming like the week before the

test and take like a practice test every

day leading up to the no don't do that

don't do that like take maybe two months

or a month before the test and do a

practice test every week just be really

methodical about it it's so boring I

know but hang in there and if you're

lucky you only have to take the test one

time for real so good luck to anyone who

is taking the a CT this year or is

taking it sometime in the future and

just please remember that you're a CT

score or SAT score is not the only thing

on your college application there are so

many other things that a college will

look at besides your standardized

testing score so just make sure that

that's not the only thing you think

about as you're in high school if you

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